Reaching out to those in need, in their time of need, is the hallmark of good community engagement. The Post Release Program created and run by Hillsong City Care is a shining example of being there at a critical time in someones life. When people are released from incarceration, there are many challenges that the individual needs to overcome. Many find it difficult to reintegrate back into society and often the prospect of finding employment can be a challenge. Many who are released find the life so hard there is a tendency to re offend and end up back in prison.


We are proud to support HIllsong City Care as they focus on providing post-release support to ex-offenders. Irrespective of their offence.



Other services offered by our group:


  • Courtroom support

  • Chaplaincy visits in prison and detention centres

  • Chapel services in prison and detention centres

  • Support to families of incarcerated people

Proudly supported by

Dates: On request
Time: On request

Location: 4 Surrey Street Minto.
Contact: Mal Fruean
Phone: 02 9603 2500


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