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South West Multicultural and Community Centre (SWMACC) is a community-based, not-for-profit organisation that delivers tailored-made community programs to the diverse communities of South West Sydney. Our aim is to promote a lifestyle within our community that fosters safety from crime and violence and that empowers residents to take charge of their lives. Our guiding principles are that we treat our clients as we would wish to be treated and that we work collaboratively with members, families, advocates and service providers within our community.





To create a culture of community.


Are those who are in need and those who wish to improve their knowledge and lifestyle.


- To provide a place for the community to develop their personal talents and potential through education, experience and support.

- To strengthen, build up and contribute to the identity, self-esteem, sense of purpose and culture of all members of the community.

- To act as a consultant to all community groups (regardless of race, ethno-religious beliefs and practices, sex, marital status, disability, homosexuality, transgender (transsexual) or age, seeking to establish themselves in the community and to assist, where appropriate, in their endeavour to establish themselves.  At the discretion of the Management Committee to act as an ausipicing body for those groups who are not an incorporated association.


- To initiate and participate in social research with practical application in improving the quality of life within the community.

- To actively initiate, develop and participate in education and training of volunteers at the Centre and the general community with a view to the volunteers taking an active and equal role in the day to day running of the Centre's activities.

- To assist and help alleviate poverty, when possible, within the families of the community.


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